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Leaders advance goals and make things happen. However, many of them feel that they're just not doing enough and want to give back to their community. Through our orphan care programs, they will make a lasting impact in the lives of children so they can be a part of something bigger than themselves.

**You don’t have to say this EXACTLY but what you say needs to be clear. This will help you get started. Memorize this. Let it sink in. The more you say it, the more natural it will be.


We know you are a leader that accomplishes great things. Like you, we understand that sometimes it just isn't enough and the next logical step is to give back to our community. In order to do that, you need to partner with an organization where you can contribute your resources to see a lasting impact. The problem is, you have a lot on your plate and finding a reliable organization is exhausting.

We believe that finding a high-impact way to bring transformation to your local community should be simple. No more jumping through hoops. That's why, through Hope Fort Worth's orphan care programs, you'll be investing into the lives of children and their future families -- an investment that lasts a lifetime.

Here's how you get started:

1. Give Monthly - By investing financially, you are opening doors to help place a child or teenager into a loving home. We will keep you informed of the impact you are making into the community.

2. Attend An Event - Your goal to see this community change goes beyond the money you give. It's an active part of who you are and what you align yourself with. There are many events that you can attend and ways to give your time.

3. See Your Investment Change Your Community - Because of you, children will have a new home. Orphan Care Communities will flourish and the culture of our community will continue to transform.

When you give monthly, you are connecting your heart to the heart of the community through the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. You can give by {fill in ways to give}, and in the meantime we would love to see you at our next Lunch & Learn, Match Event, or {Insert Unique Event}.

**Think of this as a bank of words you can withdraw from. Be creative but stay close to the concepts and ideas provided here. If you need more help from a copywriting perspective, let us know!

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