James Thorne


James Thorne is a filmmaker, an editor, a designer, a manager, a leader, a creator... a Jedi Master of the Arts. He believes in empowering others and in creating a strong team that builds upon each member’s best abilities. He believes in deriving inspiration from different people and different sources in order to live out his motto – help people make effective change. He is a true Texan and lives in the heart of Fort Worth with his wife and two sons.


Eric Ewing


Eric Ewing is a photographer, designer, videographer and overall creative. He loves teaching and helping others grow in their gifts and talents. He loves being a part of a team and seeing the impact that a group of people can achieve as they work together. Born and raised in Fort Worth, the greatest city of all America, Eric has been married to his wife Jessica since 2015. 

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Chris Rivera

StoryBrand Certified Director

Chris is a marketing consultant, corporate trainer, and executive leader. When he works alongside organizations, his goal is to help clarify their goals and create a plan that produces results. He loves a good cup of coffee, movies, and anything having to do with tons of people. Chris and his amazing wife of 18 years, Heather, reside in Fort Worth, Texas with their four teenagers. 


Shelley Struhs


Shelley is a new mom, coffee enthusiast, and proud member of the Hanson fan club for over 20 years. She loves her family and friends deeply and strives to be the best version of herself. In her spare time, she enjoys making arts and crafts and all things that inspire creativity. She is known to always be singing, but never the correct words to the song. Shelley lives in North Fort Worth with her husband, son, and devoted dog.


Kristen Gallegos

VIDEO EDITOR & Graphic Designer

Kristen Gallegos is a mom, wife, runner and graphic designer. She believes in living life passionately and loves helping others do the same. She loves traveling and making memories with her family. She has lived all around Texas but loves to call the Fort Worth area home. 


Sam Gmuer


Sam is a dreamer - and his main dream is to see people walking in purpose. He accomplishes this dream in a variety of ways, whether behind a camera, computer, or microphone. He is a storyteller, passionate about capturing the memories others might overlook or forget. He truly hopes to leave each person he comes into contact with better than he found them. He resides in Grapevine, TX, and you can find him watching Downton Abbey in his spare time.