The intent of this overview is to create an executable marketing plan for Shannon Adducci that will drive significant results for the ministry. We used the StoryBrand Marketing Framework to guide our creation of the marketing content. This content will be used to increase engagement among your followers, increase your impact, grow your ministry, and make the change you desire.

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The world is uncertain, which adds to the pressure we already put on ourselves. We don't even realize the anxiety we feel until we fall apart. Through every song and blog you'll see God's redemption story and how you can live a life of peace in a world that's chaotic.

**You don’t have to say this EXACTLY but what you say needs to be clear. This will help you get started. Memorize this. Let it sink in. The more you say it, the more natural it will be.

Brand Storyline

Each of us who has the opportunity to walk this planet will encounter joy, pain, connection, fear, heartbreak, love, laughter, adventure, unbearable sorrow and all manner of ugly and Divine. Like you, I've felt the hopelessness and anxiety that keeps me up at night. Thoughts flood my mind saying I'm not worthy of God's unconditional love and acceptance. Distractions of life and the chaos that surrounds us, keep us from finding a sense of peace and rest our soul longs for.

Here's what I know...you're looking for something. I am too. You can't always pinpoint what it is... but you know it has to be bigger than you. More than your thoughts can contain. Stronger than you'll ever be. It's the beauty of love, the expression of sacrifice, and abundance of unconditional acceptance. Beauty can always be found. Maybe not right away. Sometimes not even this side of eternity. But it is promised.

I'm so glad you're here. I want you to know that you can take hold of the acceptance, love, and peace you desire right now. It's within your grasp, and I'd love to help you find it. Here are some resources that have helped so many find the same experience you're looking for.

Read My Blog:

Pull up a chair & let's chat! In my blog, you'll feel like we are sitting and your favorite coffee shop talking about all the things that excite us and sharing all the worries we have. You'll hear more of my story and possibly learn new ways to live a life of freedom.

Listen To Music:

It's no secret that music moves the soul. I've written songs that put to words something you want to say but can't articulate, prays a prayer you just can't muster up, or settles your mind after a long stressful day.

Start The Devotional:

While you enjoy the blog and music, I wanted to let you know of a new devotional that you can download for free. Who doesn't like free!? This 14-Day Devotional is based on the lyrics of songs I've written that will help you remove distractions and chaos that keep you from the life God wants you to live.

It's my honor to journey alongside you and I'm praying for you -- I pray wholeness, joy, acceptance, confidence, and freedom in your life.

**Think of this as a bank of words you can withdraw from. Be creative but stay close to the concepts and ideas provided here. If you need more help from a copywriting perspective, let us know!

Website Review

Typically we produce a website review here that takes your current website and provides suggestions on how to change it from a StoryBrand perspective. We’ve decided to take it a step further and provide a wireframe instead of a website review. This wireframe is not a representation of what the final product will look like, but rather a glimpse of the type of sections you’ll see on your homepage. Each subpage, store listing, or misc. page will follow the design flow of the homepage.

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